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Latin America

Mexico’s President AMLO demands freedom for Julian Assange, ‘prisoner of conscience’ and ‘best journalist of our time’

Mexico’s left-wing President López Obrador denounced US hypocrisy and reiterated his call to free Julian Assange, calling him a “prisoner of conscience” and the “best journalist of our time, in the world.” At a press conference, AMLO played a WikiLeaks video showing the US military killing civilians in Iraq.

AMLO Mexico Biden Julian Assange
Mexico's President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) calls for the freedom of Julian Assange in a press conference on June 21, 2022

Mexico’s left-wing President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reiterated his call for the freedom of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange, whom he called a “prisoner of conscience” and the “best journalist of our time, in the world.”

In a fiery speech condemning the US government’s hypocrisy in its persecution of Assange, López Obrador asked, “Are we going to take the Statue of Liberty out of New York? Are we going to keep talking about democracy? Are we going to keep talking about the protection of human rights, of the freedom of expression?”

López Obrador, who is known popularly by the acronym AMLO, made these comments in a press conference on the morning of June 21.

AMLO called the imprisonment of Assange a “shame for the world.” He insisted, “The United Nations should take a stance” on behalf of Assange, along with “all organizations that defend human rights. There cannot be silence.”

“Mexico opens the doors to Assange,” the president declared, repeating his promise to give asylum to the imprisoned Australian journalist.

AMLO recalled that Assange “gathered cables, reports, from the embassies of the United States, in which they talked about acts of interventionism, and of crimes committed, of flagrant violations of human rights. Not only texts, but also images.”

At the press conference, AMLO played a clip of the scandalous 2007 video published by WikiLeaks, known as “collateral murder,” in which the US military can be seen killing civilians in Iraq, including a Reuters journalist.

“They are journalists, those who were targets,” López Obrador said, pointing to the screen. “This is what led to the persecution… This is why he is [in prison].”

AMLO WikiLeaks Assange collateral murder video

Mexican President AMLO playing the WikiLeaks “collateral murder” video at a press conference on June 21, 2022

The Mexican president said he is going to pressure US leader Joe Biden to free Assange.

Assange is an Australian national. The US government has no legal jurisdiction over him.

Yet Washington has sought to extradite Assange over his journalistic work, threatening him with up to 175 years in prison.

Even mainstream NGOs like Amnesty International, which are deeply biased on behalf of Western governments, have called for the US government to drop its politically motivated charges against Assange, describing the case as “a full-scale assault on the right to freedom of expression.”

Unlike the Mexican president, however, Amnesty International has refused to designate Assange a prisoner of conscience.

AMLO has repeatedly called for the WikiLeaks journalist to be freed. In January 2021, López Obrador offered Assange asylum in Mexico.

In the final weeks of the Donald Trump administration, AMLO wrote his US counterpart a letter, urging him to free Assange.

The US president ignored AMLO’s letter. Instead of freeing Assange, who exposed US war crimes in Iraq, Trump pardoned convicted war criminals from the mercenary firm Blackwater, who massacred civilians in Iraq.



  1. Tyler Russell

    2022-06-22 at 16:59

    WE are the criminals here in the USA for letting this kind of bullshit in the military’s 54 % income every fucking year!!😡🤬🤬😡 take the 8% of the Russian’s LNG& crude oil! We need to live with re-fined hemp to stabilize our environment and use 0 percent of our CO2 that is killing all of us!

  2. Tina

    2022-06-22 at 20:43

    This is the kind of leader we need in the world. We can’t even depend on the Austrians to stand up to America for illegally imprisoning an award winning journalist for doing his job. Assange has suffered while we’ve been forced to watch. How sadistic. It would be great if Mexico wasn’t alone in this demand. It appears that AMLO has the starch in his spine to tell Biden what no-one else is willing: The home of the free and the brave is supposed to be in America. But if we have to have to move it to Mexico, so be it. Free Assange! He deserves to live in peace.

  3. Henry Lowendorf

    2022-06-23 at 13:06

    The home of the First Amendment guaranteeing press freedom is denying it in practice. The corporate media prefer to act on behalf of imperialism’s killing rather than saving press freedom because as megaphones on behalf of imperialism’s violence they think they are immune.

  4. Cara

    2022-06-24 at 18:42

    Thank you, AMLO! You have my undying gratitude and respect.
    Keep up the great work, Multipolarista!

  5. Feargach ó Bréagáin

    2022-06-26 at 16:39

    Mexicans must be proud of their President and this honourable stand against the US-UK war criminals. Shame on Australia for failing to support their citizen.

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