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Geopolitical Economy Report

Introducing Geopolitical Economy Report: Multipolarista is evolving

Multipolarista has evolved and expanded into Geopolitical Economy Report, a new independent media outlet that provides original journalism and analysis on international politics and economics.

Geopolitical Economy Report Multipolarista Ben Norton

We are excited to announce the creation of the independent media outlet Geopolitical Economy Report – an evolution and expansion of Multipolarista.

Our team will be growing, and we have exciting new projects planned, including a regular show with economists Radhika Desai and Michael Hudson.

Editor-in-chief Ben Norton explains the changes (and the continuity) in the video and podcast below:





  1. Ernesto Che

    2023-01-08 at 06:07

    Well done, Ben, I am sure very soon you’ll be up there with the likes of CounterPunch, Mintpress News, Corbette Report, etc.

  2. Zach

    2023-01-08 at 09:06

    So exciting!!

  3. Tom Roche

    2023-01-08 at 09:54

    I’m an audio/RSS guy, so I’m still getting your content via the old [Moderate Rebels Soundcloud feed]( Will GER content still be on that feed?

  4. Eric Arthur Blair

    2023-01-09 at 00:26

    Congratulations Ben! I predict even greater things for your future endeavors, perhaps to build a multitalented team along the lines of Vijay Prashad’s tricontinental institute

    The thorny predicaments we face require not just geopolitical, economic and military analyses but a good understanding of our other existential planetary threats:

    Global warming

    Resource depletion especially plummeting EROEI of energy sources

    Ecological collapse – The 6th great mass extinction

    Pollution – our increasingly toxic environment

    all being driven by the huge human footprint on this planet

    It is all so grim, may I also suggest a section for satire and black humor? Much better we laugh our heads off, rather than slit our wrists…

  5. Eric Arthur Blair

    2023-01-09 at 00:34

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