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Latin America

Honduras condemns coup in Peru, supports elected President Pedro Castillo

Honduras stressed its “energetic condemnation of the coup d’etat” in Peru, saying elected President Pedro Castillo represents “the sovereign will of the people.” Honduras was also the victim of a US-sponsored coup in 2009.

Honduras Peru coup Pedro Castillo
Honduras' President Xiomara Castro (left) and Peru's President Pedro Castillo (right)

Honduras’ democratically elected left-wing government was overthrown in a military coup, sponsored by the US government, in 2009.

After restoring democracy in late 2021, Honduras’ new government has warned of a similar coup in South America.

On December 7, Peru’s right-wing-controlled congress, which is notorious for its blatant corruption and has an approval rating of between 7% and 11%, launched a coup against democratically elected left-wing President Pedro Castillo.

The US State Department publicly supported the coup.

Castillo was imprisoned, setting off huge protests around the country in which Peruvians are demanding his release, calling for new elections, and proposing a new constitution.

Honduras’ Foreign Ministry published a statement on the day of the coup, then republished it on December 12, communicating its “energetic condemnation of the coup d’etat that occurred in Peru, which is the result of a series of events to erode democracy and the sovereign will of the people represented by President Pedro Castillo.”

Honduras demanded that Castillo’s “physical integrity and human rights be respected.”

“The government of Honduras hopes that the democratic order and electoral sovereignty of Peru retake the rule of law and guarantees its rights, amid this grave constitutional violation,” it added.

“Coups d’etat should not be carried out,” the statement stressed.

Honduras’ former President Manuel Zelaya likewise said, “We energetically condemn the coup d’etat in Peru, violating the sovereign will of the people, represented by President Pedro Castillo.”

Zelaya today serves as an advisor to Honduras’ current President Xiomara Castro, who is his wife, and is a member of the leftist Libre Party, which Zelaya also leads.

Zelaya founded an organization called the Anti-Imperialist International of the Peoples in Defense of Humanity and Nature.

This Anti-Imperialist International has launched a campaign that “demands the immediate freedom of Pedro Castillo, Peru’s legitimate president.”

Zelaya was himself overthrown in a US-backed military coup in 2009.

Honduras was ruled by a series of right-wing coup regimes that were deeply involved in drug trafficking and stole multiple elections, until the restoration of democracy in late 2021 with Xiomara Castro’s victory.

Xiomara Castro is Honduras’ first democratic leader since the 2009 coup.

US turns on Honduran narco-dictator Juan Orlando Hernández after long supporting him



  1. Patricia carbajal

    2022-12-13 at 21:32

    The Honduran president strongly condemns the brutality of the police in ?? PERU
    The Honduran people were in resistance to the coup for more than 10 years. The united people thank you for this solidarity.

  2. Patricia

    2022-12-13 at 21:47

    Thank you president XIOMARA !!

  3. Chris

    2022-12-14 at 07:43

    Thank you Ben, Always great Work!
    Pls investigate NGOs. E.g. German Friedrich Naumann foundation of ruling FDP party is well know In Peru supporting current colour revolution, to Push for right wing, dictator Keiko Fujmori, dauther of criminal Peruvian dictator father.

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