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Doctor explains CIA’s ‘Havana Syndrome’ conspiracy is mass hysteria – not Russian ray gun attacks

Medical expert Robert Bartholomew explains how he knew CIA claims of “Havana Syndrome” was actually mass hysteria, not attacks with Russian, Chinese, or Cuban microwave weapons

Havana Syndrome CIA doctor mass hysteria

For years corporate media outlets accused Cuba, China, Russia, and other US adversaries of attacking spies and diplomats with hi-tech “pulsed microwave weapons” or “directed-energy weapons.”

But now the CIA has admitted that “Havana Syndrome” is not caused by attacks by a foreign hostile power, but rather stress or natural causes.

Doctor Robert Bartholomew, a medical sociologist and leading expert on mass hysteria and social panics, explains how he predicted this in his 2020 book “Havana Syndrome: Mass Psychogenic Illness and the Real Story Behind the Embassy Mystery and Hysteria.”



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Heinz Leitner

    2022-01-31 at 20:28

    Vienna Is the New Havana Syndrome Hot Spot

    New ambassador to Austria Victoria Kennedy: Her priority will be to get to the bottom of the Havana syndrom

    Neue US-Botschafterin Victoria Kennedy in Wien gelandet Ihre Priorität: dem mysteriösen Havana-Syndrom auf den Grund gehen

    PS1: I hope US spies will stop to drink to many vodkas to avoid the syndrome
    PS2: All the best from Austria for your new site MP
    PS3: I would like to send you a one time donation of 100 USD via my credit card. Is this possible

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