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Pakistan’s Western-backed coup regime hits PM Imran Khan with ‘terrorism’ charges to silence dissent

After Pakistan’s elected Prime Minister Imran Khan was overthrown in a US-backed coup, the regime has charged him with “terrorism.” Scholar Junaid S. Ahmad discusses the desperate attempt to crush his mass movement.

Pakistan coup regime terror charges

Pakistan’s elected Prime Minister Imran Khan was overthrown in a US-backed regime-change operation due to his independent foreign policy. Now the coup regime has charged him with “terrorism.” Pakistani scholar Junaid S. Ahmad discusses the desperate attempt to crush the mass movement and protests that Khan has led.



Multipolarista’s previous interview with Junaid:

US-backed coup in Pakistan overthrows PM Imran Khan over his independent foreign policy

Read Junaid’s article warning about the coup:

Pakistan warns of foreign-backed regime-change attempt, to disrupt China/Russia alliance

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sher Ali

    2022-09-05 at 00:59

    I have highest regards for your anti emperial stance and I am a big fan of you. But beig a Pakistani well an insider knows well and I can safely say that you case you have built is absolutely wrong. I would rather say you are the most I’ll informed man on earth as for as Pakistan is concerned.

    Imran Khan is a joke moron the most corrupt psychopath and idiot like Zelensky of Ukraine. He is not a politician rather a joker former cricketer nurtured by the all powerful military of Pakistan. He was thrown under the bus by the same generals who made him PM. He was he is never and will never be anti America. Please revisit your thoughts.

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