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US threatens war on China over Taiwan – with nuclear implications

The US government has prepared for years for war with China over Taiwan. Nancy Pelosi’s trip was only the latest provocation, including Pentagon war plans, CIA threats, tens of billions in weapons sales, and US military forces on the ground.

Taiwan US war China Pelosi

The US government has been preparing for war with China over Taiwan. The extremely provocative trip by top official Nancy Pelosi was only the latest US escalation.

The Pentagon has made plans for war with China, top CIA officials openly call for fighting Beijing, and US troops are on the ground in Taipei.

Washington has sold Taiwan tens of billions of dollars worth of military equipment, and influential DC think tanks are even calling to send it nuclear weapons.




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Taiwan US troops graph cold war

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  1. Alex Nosal

    2022-08-02 at 23:54

    Great post Ben. The roots of this current MIC can be directly attributed to the coup at the DNC in 1945 to replace Henry Wallace with Harry S. Truman. Once Roosevelt dies, the U.S. went from embracing Russia, China, an end to colonialism and support for global cooperation to making enemies of everyone. The Korean War should have been a wake up call that the country shifted to the hard right, and is probably why why Eisenhower won, but even an enlightened Dwight couldn’t fight off the constant push by Wall Street to militarize the country and prepare to wage war against the world. The big questions begs then… how can average Americans stop these special interest driven policies that promote and depend on perpetual war?

  2. David Hail

    2022-08-03 at 21:58

    This is why we need to get rid of pelosi she was sent to Taiwan for diplomatic purposes and made shit worse. And Biden is to weak willed to do anything

  3. julianmacfarlane

    2022-08-10 at 04:12

    There is no chance that the US would intervene if China attacked Taiwan. It can’t. But China doesn’t want war. It’s bad for business. The problem lies in the mainstream media . The main stream is a muddy river and most people drink the water because they know nothing better.
    #ChinaTaiwanWar #Chinausawar #chinawins #Usloses #julianmacfarlane #newsforensics

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