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Latin America

Nicaragua’s President Ortega: US/EU waging war to stop multipolar world

At the Sandinista Revolution’s 43rd anniversary, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega said the US and Europe are waging wars to prevent “multipolarity.” Quoting Che Guevara, he added “imperialism cannot be trusted”

ortega multipolarity

(Se puede leer esta nota en español aquí.)

In his speech at the 43rd anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega said the United States and European Union are waging wars to prevent “multipolarity on our planet.”

Ortega quoted Che Guevara, arguing “imperialism cannot be trusted even a little bit.” He added that dialogue with Washington is “impossible,” because it would be like negotiating with the devil.

A transcript of some of President Ortega’s remarks follows (emphasis added):

Why does the United States behave in that way? And when we say the United States, we are speaking of the North American rulers. Because when they dropped the atomic bomb above Hiroshima, they did not ask the North American people if the bomb should be dropped…

And they did a count of how many thousands the bomb could kill. And the higher the number was, that they calculated that the bomb could kill, the happier and more excited they were…

And they went ahead and dropped it, and killed, in one blow, hundreds of thousands of civilians, children, adults, because they dropped it on a city…

Right there, they killed, murdered many more civilians than all of those who could have died now in this war that the empires have started to try to destroy the struggle that humanity is carrying out to bring about the end of hegemony, and to create multipolarity on our planet.

That is the battle that is being fought over there in Ukraine, where Europe and the United States don’t want — they don’t want to see China growing economically…

It is from there, it is the evil that those powers have shown throughout history, the powers that colonized Africa, Asia, Latin America, the powers that brought slaves from Africa to these regions, to sell like them animals in slave markets…

When you asked me, and when it was asked, why not reach an understanding? They [the US] are not prepared to reach an understanding. They are prepared to do nothing more than impose — impose, occupy, bomb, kill, as they have done throughout history…

And they [the imperialists] waged war among themselves, to take over the world. It was war between the European powers, before there was a European Union.

You know it, dear brother. England, France, Spain, wanting to dominate all Europe, and dominating all of Europe, later taking over Africa, Asia, all of the Americas.

A hegemonic mentality. A selfish mentality. A mentality that has nothing to do with being Christian, nothing to do with being Christian. And all of that, they did it with the blessing of the different churches that existed in that time…

When they asked Roosevelt, who was a good friend of Somoza, why he was so gracious and friendly with Somoza, Somoza being a criminal, Roosevelt responded, in English, “He is a son of a…” How do you say it? “He’s a son of a bitch.” Yes, that is how he replied. “But he is OUR son (of a bitch).”

Yes, “He is a son (of a bitch), but he is OUR son (of a bitch).” That was the cynical response of the yankee…

I’m answering why there is no dialogue. Dialogue is impossible. Impossible. Dialogue is for one person to put a noose on your neck, and you to put your neck in the noose.

Look, dear brother, what dialogue can you have with the devil? As Che said, the yankees, imperialism, you can’t trust them even a little bit, not even a little bit. Because it will end you. It will end you.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Eric Arthur Blair

    2022-07-26 at 21:24

    Yes, the Federal American Mafia government is not agreement capable. They are c^nts.
    But America is not a monolith. One must differentiate between:

    – the AmeriCANs, who represent <1% of the US population and are striving against the forces of evil to regain true democracy of, by and for their fellow Americans. People like Chris Hedges, Michael Hudson, Richard Wolff, Abby Martin and yes, expatriate Americans like Ben Norton and Jeff j Brown.
    – the AmeriCANTs who are the unfortunate powerless vast majority trying to eke out a living, but falling ever further behind due to a system that is rigged against them… and
    – the AmeriCUNTs, who are the <1% psychopaths who have hijacked and rigged the system

    Other historic AmeriCANs:
    JFK, RFK, MLK Jr, Malcolm X… although unfortunately they were all assassinated.
    Oh wait, here is one who was not assassinated: Gary Webb, who exposed criminal CIA drug running activities. Poor Gary commited suicide by shooting himself in the head TWICE, at least according to those CIA reports.

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