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Israeli military conspiring with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Egypt against Iran

The US organized a meeting with top military officials from apartheid Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, the UAE, and Bahrain to conspire against Iran, as Jordan’s king calls for a “Middle East NATO.”

UAE Bahrain Israel Trump normalization
The UAE and Bahrain normalize relations with apartheid Israel at the White House in September 2020

The United States organized a meeting with top military officials from apartheid Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain in order to conspire against Iran.

These talks come while the staunchly pro-Western king of Jordan has called for creating a “Middle East NATO.”

The military talks were revealed in a June 26 report in the Wall Street Journal, titled “U.S. Held Secret Meeting With Israeli, Arab Military Chiefs to Counter Iran Air Threat.”

The US military’s Central Command is trying to coordinate the region’s aerial activities in hopes of containing Tehran.

Apartheid Israel’s Defense Minister Benny Gantz referred to the collaboration as the “Middle East Air Defense Alliance,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

Anonymous US government officials confirmed the meeting to the newspaper. It was convened in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, in March, in order to “coordinate against Iran’s growing missile and drone capabilities,” the newspaper said.

The talks brought together the chiefs of staff of the Israeli, Saudi, and Qatari armed forces, along with senior military officers from Jordan and Egypt and lower level officials from the UAE and Bahrain.

Kuwait and Oman did not participate in the meeting.

The US military’s air command center for the Middle East is located at al-Udeid Air Base in Qatar, the largest US military base in the region.

These military talks in Egypt were are a clear sign of the growing campaign of normalization of Israeli colonialism by the Gulf monarchies and their allies.

Egypt normalized relations with Israel in 1979. The Jordanian monarchy normalized relations with Israel in 1994.

The UAE and Bahrain normalized relations with apartheid Israel in 2020, as part of the Donald Trump administration’s Abraham Accords.

Trump Abraham Accords UAE Bahrain Israel

The leaders of Israel, the UAE, and Bahrain meet with Donald Trump at the White House in September 2020 to sign the Abraham Accords

Saudi Arabia and Qatar have technically not yet formally established relations with Israel, although they have been quietly collaborating behind the scenes for years.

The Saudi regime has purchased Israeli military equipment and surveillance and hacking technology. Israeli corporate executives have been welcomed by the Saudi monarchy.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar have very tense relations, and Riyadh, which preaches a Wahhabi fundamentalist ideology, even imposed a blockade in 2017 on Doha, which is a top sponsor of the Muslim Brotherhood.

But the fact that the top military commanders of Saudi Arabia and Qatar participated in a meeting with the chief of staff of the IDF shows that the Gulf monarchies and apartheid Israel are still willing to collaborate in an effort to contain Iran.

Iran is one of the main supporters of anti-imperialist forces in the region, and the de facto leader of the Axis of Resistance.

Tehran has also formed broader economic and political alliances with China, Russia, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.

Citing the proxy war in Ukraine, Jordan’s pro-Western King Abdullah II endorsed the idea of making a “Middle East NATO,” a regional alliance based on the US-led military cartel.

“I would be one of the first people to endorse a Middle East NATO,” the Jordanian monarch said in an interview with CNBC this June.

“We work actively with NATO all over the world, and have been for ages. The relationship with NATO, from a Jordanian perspective is, actually, we’re partners,” Abdullah added. “That relationship with NATO is extremely special. We are fighting shoulder to shoulder, and have been for decades.”

US President Joe Biden plans to visit apartheid Israel and Saudi Arabia this July.

Ghassan Kanafani, a prominent leftist intellectual of the revolutionary Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), argued back in the 1960s that the top enemy of the freedom of the Palestinian people was not just Israel, but also what he called the “reactionary Arab regimes,” like the Gulf monarchies, all of which are part of the US-led imperialist system.

It was an open secret for decades that these reactionary Arab regimes were collaborating with Israel, but in the past few years their alliance has become public and undeniable.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Paul

    2022-06-27 at 17:44

    The US/NATO have no business having military bases in the Middle East, in Asia, in Europe, in Africa in South America or in the Pacific ocean region. Bases in these region must be recognized as being “offensive” and not defensive in nature. Maybe the US will self-sanction itself…

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