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Inside Operation Gladio: How NATO supported Nazis and terrorists

Journalists Benjamin Norton and Asa Winstanley discuss Operation Gladio, the NATO “stay behind” networks in which the CIA armed former Nazis and fascists to wage war on the left.

Operation Gladio NATO Nazis CIA

Multipolarista host Benjamin Norton is joined by journalist Asa Winstanley to discuss Operation Gladio, the NATO “stay behind” networks in which the CIA and other Western intelligence agencies recruited, armed, and trained former Nazis, other fascists, and right-wing terrorists to wage a war on the left.


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  1. just a dude

    2022-05-16 at 15:30

    Thank you very much for the content, very informative. I myself am now reading the book “blowback” by Christopher Simpson and it’s jaw dropping.
    One side note, it is very eery and sobering to hear you speak about the fact neo nazism and modern day fascism target Muslims I’ll add an addendum to that if I may: it really just targets brown people regardless.
    Adding to the never ending bizarre turn of history where Israel now is seen as the Mecca and the role model for most white supremacists world wide is the fact brown Arab-Jewish people who might have even served in the IOF don’t get any preferential treatment in the West.
    The tragedy is this is not an expression of love for Jewish people but exploitation of a multigenerational trauma. It really is quite sick.
    Anyways, thank you for the education and for giving me nightmares.

  2. NasserBaston

    2022-05-22 at 10:45

    Jaw dropping history Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between The Vatican, The CIA, and The … – Paul L. Williams –

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