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Who is Pakistan’s Imran Khan? From athlete to protester of US wars to overthrown prime minister

Benjamin Norton speaks with Pakistani scholar Junaid S. Ahmad about Prime Minister Imran Khan, his history, and how he challenged Pakistan’s two-party system until he was overthrown in a US-backed soft coup.

Imran Khan Pakistan prime minister

In this episode of the Multipolarista podcast, Benjamin Norton is joined by Pakistani scholar Junaid S. Ahmad to discuss how Pakistan’s elected Prime Minister Imran Khan was overthrown in a US-backed coup aimed at reversing his independent foreign policy – like his close alliance with China, improved relations with Russia and Iran, and staunch support for Palestine.

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US-backed coup in Pakistan overthrows PM Imran Khan over his independent foreign policy

Read Junaid’s article “Pakistan warns of foreign-backed regime-change attempt, to disrupt China/Russia alliance

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