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NATO expanding into Asia-Pacific to militarily encircle China as well as Russia

While it wages a proxy war on Russia in Ukraine, the US-led NATO military alliance plans to encircle China and expand into the Asia-Pacific region, collaborating with Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand.

NATO South Korea China
South Korea's first vice minister of foreign affairs at NATO headquarters in Brussels in October 2021

The deceptively named North Atlantic Treaty Organization is expanding into the Asia-Pacific region.

NATO has waged wars on Libya, Afghanistan, and the former Yugoslavia. Now the US-led military alliance has its crosshairs set on both Russia and China.

Former top State Department officials have admitted that the “United States and its NATO allies are engaged in a proxy war with Russia” in Ukraine.

While it is flooding Ukraine with weapons and training far-right fighters to kill Russians, NATO is simultaneously threatening China, and expanding its presence in the Asia-Pacific in hopes of containing Beijing.

In a press conference on April 5, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that the Western powers plan to “deepen NATO’s cooperation with our Asia-Pacific partners, including in areas such as arms control, cyber, hybrid, and technology.”

Stoltenberg complained that “China has been unwilling to condemn Russia” over its war in Ukraine, and made it clear that Beijing is NATO’s next target.

NATO held a meeting of the foreign ministers of its member states at its headquarters in Brussels on April 6 and 7, where they pledged to increase their military support for Ukraine and escalate the proxy war on Russia.

This gathering featured representatives from several European states that are not NATO members, including Georgia, Finland, and Sweden.

But even more noteworthy was the presence of numerous Asian-Pacific countries at the NATO meeting in Brussels: Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand.

It goes without saying that these Asian-Pacific nations are far from the North Atlantic region.

NATO Japan South Korea New Zealand meeting Ukraine

Government representatives from Japan, New Zealand, and South Korea at the NATO meeting on Ukraine in Brussels on April 7

Ronald Reagan designated Japan, South Korea, and Australia “major non-NATO allies” of the United States back in 1987.

Japan and Australia are members of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue or Quad, an anti-China alliance created by Washington to try to isolate and destabilize China.

The US military still has 55,000 troops stationed in Japan, where they have been since the end of World War II. Washington also has 28,000 troops in South Korea, which have remained there since the early 1950s.

Japan and South Korea joined the Western powers in imposing sanctions on Russia over its military intervention in Ukraine.

As the United States escalates its new cold war on China, NATO is expanding its military cooperation with these Asian-Pacific powers.

Just as NATO repeatedly violated its promises and expanded onto Russia’s borders, militarily encircling Moscow, Washington’s goal is to surround Beijing with antagonistic military forces.

In 2021 the major Japanese media outlet Nikkei revealed that US Indo-Pacific Command is spending $27.4 billion over six years to militarize the region, including by “establishing a network of precision-strike missiles along the so-called first island chain.”

Nikkei explained, “The first island chain consists of a group of islands including Taiwan, Okinawa and the Philippines, which China sees as the first line of defense.”

US Indo-Pacific Command wrote clearly in its “Pacific Deterrence Initiative” that its goal is to “focus resources on vital military capabilities to deter China.”

In other words, this is a US plan to encircle China, threatening it at any moment with a massive missile installation.

NATO is going to play an increasingly important role in this plan to militarily surround and threaten Beijing.

The US-led military cartel boasts on its website of its close alliance with Japan. And Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi has stated openly that the East Asian country is cooperating with NATO over Ukraine.

In July 2021, a top South Korean government official traveled to Brussels “for talks on common security challenges and NATO’s partnership with Seoul.”

The military cartel disclosed that they discussed “China’s rise, as well as opportunities for stronger cooperation between NATO and the Republic of Korea, including in the areas of cyber defence and arms control.”

Then in October, South Korea’s first vice minister of foreign affairs visited NATO headquarters as well.

NATO South Korea meeting 2021

After a meeting of the heads of state of NATO’s 30 members in Brussels in June 2021, the US-led military cartel published a joint declaration clearly revealing that it sees China as a threat.

“China’s growing influence and international policies can present challenges that we need to address together as an Alliance,” NATO wrote.

The military cartel claimed China and its cooperation with Russia “present systemic challenges to the rules-based international order and to areas relevant to Alliance security.”

This statement was released eight months before Russia invaded Ukraine.

NATO has planned on targeting China for years, and is now only using Beijing’s refusal to condemn its major strategic partner Moscow as an excuse to continue escalating an aggressive campaign of military encirclement that it had planned long before.



  1. Joseph

    2022-04-09 at 12:10

    Beijing is not afraid of NATO… What ever u think u can do to Beijing please be advised they will be waiting for you….they will respond in kind…..

  2. JM Hatch

    2022-04-09 at 19:15

    Solomon Islands kerfuffle between Oz and PRC is hot because USA/Oz already held drills to select missile base sites there, and China having access messed that plan up. Time for the might Wurlitzer to play regime change song.

  3. Paul Citro

    2022-04-10 at 06:05

    NATO should be renamed URWO; the US Rules the World Organization.

    • Sianny

      2022-04-10 at 06:30

      Or North Atlantic Terrorist Organization.

  4. Pascal

    2022-04-23 at 05:03

    a declining empire is most dangerous one for the rest of the world. Recent NATO moves driven by the US are exactly this. The US trying to preserve the unipolarity which they see threatened by Russian and Chinese economical power. No country can be allowed to rise due to their own capacities. A very interesting and unfortunately dangerous time lies ahead of us, which can end in a catastrophe…

  5. Cecil

    2022-05-05 at 13:42

    The NATO establishment was too succesful in the fight against their own citizenry/labour movements. No pressure on these galaxy brains and intelectual incest/career climbing is their self inflicted demise ( Oligarchic circles detached from reality and petit bourgeois media proclaiming the end of history, unipolar new world order and many more delusions..i just wish this could be desolved peaceful. As always the weak will suffer.

    My friend who had to serve for “peacekeeping” in kosovo said afterwards:”NATO? you mean north atlantic terror organisation.” I had to read some books to get his point.

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