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Media admits Venezuelan coup puppet Juan Guaidó has no real power – other than what US stole for him

After years of promoting the US puppet, mainstream media outlets are finally admitting that Venezuelan coup leader Juan Guaidó is a fraud with no real power other than what Western governments stole for him.

Mainstream international newswire AFP has admitted that US coup puppet Juan Guaidó has no actual power in Venezuela – although like Donald Trump, Joe Biden still recognizes him.

Nearly three years after Trump initiated a coup attempt in Venezuela by appointing Guaidó so-called “interim president” in January 2019, AFP published an article titled “Venezuela’s Guaido digs in as ‘acting president’ without power.”

The outlet snarkily noted that the US puppet’s online Zoom meetings are “as virtual as Guaido’s power.”

“What Guaido does have, though, thanks to backing from Washington, is control of millions of dollars worth of Venezuelan assets held outside the country, much to Maduro’s chagrin,” AFP added.

Western governments and the corporate media outlets that obediently echo them frequently claim that Venezuela’s real, elected President Nicolás Maduro is internationally “isolated,” but in reality it is Guaidó that has very little international support.

The United Nations General Assembly held a vote in December 2021 to see where the international community stands on Venezuela, and just 16 of the UN’s 193 member states (ie, 8%) voted against recognizing the constitutional government of Maduro.

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